Summer Reading

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday! This sweet, little, pocket guide to all things fun and celebratory.

I'm not sure why we got this, either some American Express gig or Food & Wine gig or maybe a joint gig. Double gig. Twofer. Gig gig.

Yeah, so a little freebie present in the mail that just made my day.

With this, we now have three cocktail reference books, F&W's Cocktails 2008, Mr. Boston Official Bartender and Party Guide, and Field Guide to Cocktails.

It's our 'libationarybrary'.

Just a quick rundown on these three reference books -and they are reference books, right? Maybe not found in the Resources section of your library or something you'd want to footnote....but they offer up loads of helpful info., and history.

Even for the old school, traditional types I'm gonna have to say this is way too staid. First published in 1935, it's last copyright is 1984. I think Orwell would have even found it tedious.

It also includes cheesy-glossy advertisements for average liquor.

For the common-denominator; decent. For the creative; not so good.

And then there's the Field Guide to Cocktails. I love this book. Here is where we discovered the recipe to the fabled Moscow Mule and here is where we might find many a drunken night. It reminds me of what a Peterson's Guide might produce if asked to create a guide on par-tays. With the descriptions, how-to's and wherefores, this is just an awesome book.

I highly recommend this. The perfect go-to for what one might serve in the middle of February when there is nothing goin' on but a fire in the fireplace and parlor games.

And then finally, my newest bedside reading:

What I love about this (not only was it apparently gratis) is that it is clearly written for the cocktail enthusiast. With each drink highlighted with it's commencement and history.

I would say that perhaps the purpose of the book may be to document bar ideologies - maybe we should recognize the dominance of classically-styled drinks as a sign that a more sophisticated approach to cocktails is becoming more mainstream. Oh heavens.

Features include:
  • over 150 recipes from some of the coolest bars and restaurants in the country,
  • incredible photography featuring gorgeous glassware, and the designer,
  • the names and addresses of bars, clubs and restaurants in major cities across the country, making it a great traveler's companion,
  • a directory of some of the best liquor stores across the country,
  • a "cocktail clinic" section covering the tools and techniques of the professional bartender,
  • alcohol free "mocktails," and,
  • recipes for loads of delicious appetizers and cocktails accompaniments.
So, a toast to the cocktail, summer or otherwise. May you shine in all your glory - written, celebrated, and consumed.


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Karen -

Love the blog! The variety of the subject matter is most engaging.
Hope all's well!


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