Pleasurable Providence

Providence, RI: Happens to be New England's second-largest city (to Boston), and recently has found itself known as a renaissance city. Once regarded, even by its own residents, as an awkward stepchild of greater Boston (50 mi to the north), Providence has morphed from an area that empties out at the end of a workday to a clean, modern, cultural, and gastronomical hub.

With Brown University, RISD, and Johnson & Wales in the center of the of the city, Providence has every reason to pay a visit.

And "pay" a visit, I did. Providence has the Seekonk River, which flows past the city into Narragansett Bay. Typical of many New England waterfront towns and cities, there are many dead mills and factories along the shoreline. With a little luck, Google Maps, and some determination, I happened upon a terrificly charming old miller's cottage just down the road from Brown University.

Within these brick walls lies all sorts of retail wonder and goodness.

A short list, but here's what I found:

Tord Boontje, Marimekko, Fornasetti, John Derian, Lum, Kisim, Margaret O’Leary, Catherine Andre, Biya, Johnny Was, Yoshi, Jonathan Adler, Antica Farmacista, Rober et Gallet, Votivo, Red Flower, Bauer Pottery, Santa Maria Novella, Marika Charles, Tade, Cote Bastide, Resail Bags, Rogues Gallery, Studiko Rundholz, Agraria, Bajra, Kevin O’Bried, Lilla P., Nuno, Epice, Gamut, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Katie Mawson, Philip Crangi, Rebekah Brooks, Jill Platner, Wallace and Sewall, Jane Diaz, Elizabeth W., Fracas, Chiliwich, Cynthia Ashby, Neisha Crosland, Georgina Von Etzdordf, Meg Cohen, Miguel Ases, Beth Orduna, Guy Wolff, Gorky Gonzales, Littala, Chan Luu, Babette, Majestic, Clu, Kerry Cassill, Virginia Johnson, Matta NY, Melissa Joy Manning, Shana Lee…….

And I left with a couple of cheap cotton Indian kurtas (the pictures blow, apologies):

and some fanciful jewels.

The miller's cottage goes by the name of Simple Pleasures. And it's worth a visit.

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Project Ecoart said...

Beautiful jewls...great find!

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