If you could go anywhere for the day, where would you go?

I love to play this game. No rules really, other than you can't have any responsibilities or ties or interferences with the thought of spending 24 hours in an unadulterated fun or desired location. For me, sometimes it's a visit to my old swimming pool or neighborhood or house in San Mateo. But right now? This very minute? If I could shut my eyes, squeeze them tight and I-Dream-of-Jeannie myself somewhere, it would be:

Bodrum, Turkey. On the Aegean Coast. Went there with Scott for our honeymoon and I'd go back for a day in a heartbeat.

Second to that, I would have to say:

Narragansett Town Beach. With a Del's.

So, if you could anywhere (and you can't say 'crazy'), where would you go for the day?


Anonymous said...

Surfside Beach, Nantucket.

Anonymous said...

G.R. Wiltmer's pool.

Unknown said...

SO love this game. And ironically I also went to Turkey, - Fethiye though, Then to Solages, France.

Anyone that has ever been to Turkey knows how perfect it is. Those who have never been wonder why anyone would ever go there.

Anonymous said...

Spouting Rock Beach, Newport.
being Mick Jagger's publicist.

Anonymous said...

Hands down the rocky beaches on Capri, Italy. The rocks look so uncomfortable but feel like a heavenly hot stone massage when you lay on them.

While there I would have some fresh baked bread, delicious cheese and some apricots.

My own person piece of heaven!


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Jessoca-Ha! Turkey and then France for your honeymoon!!??...that's awesome. For me, it seems eons ago and away...(honeymoon and Turkey) but I hope we get back at some point. I think your sentiment hits the nail on the head...folks who don't know, won't and folks that do...will go and enjoy and enjoy. Thanks weighing in on my fun little game.

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