First foray into 'lower Brussels' (the really old part of town)

Heading into the Grand Place, the main city square that's surrounded by a mass-collection of Italian Baroque architecture.

Bizarre famous statue that's maybe 3 feet tall of a boy peeing. "Mannekin Pis." Folklore has it that this naked toddler put out a blazing fire with his urine, saving the town and thousands. Hoards of tourists were there to take a photo, which included us. Frankly, I don't really get it.

A segment of the original wall that protected the city in Medieval times. Just randomly on the side of the road. Kinda cool to make up stories about knights and dragons. All very believable.

Pierre Marcolini chocolatier. By far, the supreme chocolatier. Crazy good.
(excuse the lousy photo-this was a quick photo that I took right before getting reprimanded for having a camera in the chocolatier. Like I'm Slugworth or somethin')

The day ended with a wicked close game of Sorry (nothing but French television, no DVDs and a rather sporadic laptop) so good, old fashioned card games, board games and staring contests ended our day. With some Benadryl for the kids (since it's now 10:36pm and they are still wide awake).


Anonymous said...

in the first picture -- how did you get colby to float?

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

special, anti-gravity footwear that one can only find in Brussels. He's like a friggin' helium baloon, that kid.

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