"Je ne comprends pas"

Some cultural observations:

*not a good idea to take bouncy, boisterous kids to a "kwik express" mart for daily groceries when the Belgian workforce is hassled and hurried to get their ciggies, unless you want your groceries hucked at you.

*be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the mounds of dog poop that litter the streets.....also may explain the lush, green, verdant parks with the softest grass you've ever put your bare feet on.....

*American children often will boycott walking, piggy-back rides or placing them on your shoulders is okay for a bit, until you see an ederly Bruxellois......

*who will stop you dead in your tracks and say a litany of things to you. With a wagging finger. (I'm guessing the lecture is on how children of today are too lazy or Sherpas really belong near the Himalyas-not Brussels)

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Anonymous said...

Karen your blogs are hysterical! I hope you are enjoying pretending to be European. I love picturing you and the family there! Your blog will be my escape from work, however it will take all my strength not to walk straight to the airport and hop on a plane across the pond!

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