Settling in....post script

Here are some really helpful tips on how to deal with an exceptionally spirited and energetic pair of kids (aged 6 and 8) when travelling out of the country.

1. Play the game, "Legos Marathon"

Really useful when a parent hasn't quite adjusted to the time change and needs a 'little rest'. Rules include; who can build the biggest structure, who can be the quietest and who can build without touching any siblings in the room.

2. Play the game, "Blending In"

Again, very useful when a simple walk to the grocery store requires some distraction. Rules include the obvious: quiet, mannerly walking. Points taken for any infraction, including spinning, jumping, loud yelling, and spontaneous flip outs. The first to 100 pts. wins.

3. "Don't Touch Challenge"

Very simple. No one is allowed to touch another person or thing while walking down the sidewalk. No tempting or no pointing. Instant disqualification for accidentally falling.

4. "Dance Off"

Raging 70's and 80's tunes. Points for creativity and not touching other siblings. Extra points for avoiding the glass table of death (obscured by butt-in-the-air competition). Best played with a dreary, rainy day that. will. not. end. ah yeah.

And when the rain stopped, we dashed out to the park next door.

Cool, weird Seuss trees. I'm gonna say they're some kind of pine. Very cool.

Bizarre, disturbing theatre poster on the Avenue Louise (=Boylston or Commonwealth Ave., if we're talking Boston).

The park next door. Apparently an abbey. For quiet people.

Neighbors. Quiet, controlled, well-behaved neighbors.

Evidence that when it's all said and done, we can still have fun without pain and injury and pay a little homage to Sammy Hagar's awesome hair (which may not be entirely seen here. But trust me, without an adapter for Euro outlets I'm all about burn-out Hagar).


beachbungalow8 said...

you're so good at distraction. i remember this from walking with kids with you. laughing at the sammy hagar reference. and is that scott, um bending over? somehow i didn't see that silly side in him....rock on (waggle of thumb and pinkie)

beachbungalow8 said...

um, could you make your pictures bigger please? i can't see everything. you know how i am with details.

Jenny said...

Love reading your blog. Your fam-damily is adorable.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

I'm soooo friggin' slow. Apologies. Here are a coupla larger photos. The really complimentary one of the butts-in-the-air gives a good shot of our apt. The 14' ceilings and the French windows right next to the dining table. The whole place is maybe 1000 sq. feet--maybe as big as our place in Beacon Hill. A lot of Brussels seems so similar to Boston to me. Just really should have worked on some French before leaving.


beachbungalow8 said...

much better photos.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.

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