Introducing the Dutch Cargo Bike

This makes total sense to me.  I hate driving, take my bike or public trans whenever I can.  But this grocery sherpa would so much rather use this cargo bike than strap on multiple backpacks or satchels to carry bags up from the grocery store.

It's called a Dutch Cargo Bike or 'Bakfiets'.  We saw them all over the place last month in Brussels and Amsterdam, in the lands of Bikes First, Cars Second.  And I usually saw this:

Perfectly safe, helmetless happy riders taking a cart load of helmetless kids off to some other helmetless destination. Frankly, I'd be happier finding my way over to South End Formaggio for a week's worth of wine and cheese.....helmet or not.

Also, here's a link to a recent NYTimes article about how the Dutch have mastered the art of safe biking and fresh bread in Amsterdam.

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northsidefour said...

I love these, they are popping up here and there around town. I could even put the beagle in front, perfect!

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