The Triumph of Neptune

This is the sign of an old umbrella shop that sits at the end of our little street in Brussels.  A very cool sign that I tried countless times to photograph to no avail:
image | tim borco (way better frame)

When the sign was rolled up into the top of the window, this appeared:

The front of one of the most creative restaurants I've ever enjoyed in Brussels.  Neptune.  Featuring one menu at 36or roughly $50, that changes weekly.

Simple. Clever. Artistic.  Mostly Organic. Mostly Local.  Six tables. And the heart of the chef poured into every dish.

And if one had endless hours, time could last forever here.

neptune.png (367×156)

48 rue Lesbroussart 1050 Ixelles - Bruxelles / Brussels

and more about this culinary wonder, check out Cooking for Four Hands and LEFOODING.COM (and enlist google translate, if necessary).

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