Menu Design In America, 1850-1985

And I'm back. Back from a good month-long swing through Europe with family, back from a good two week break from the blahgity-blahg, and back from a mental vacation of that school-work routine.  I have loads of stuff to share with you, unique little finds, discoveries, gems that I came across while in Brussels, Paris, Florence, and Amsterdam but today, it's all about Menu Design in America, from TASCHEN.

image | TASCHEN
One massive collection of menus, dating from 1850-1985. "Menu Design is an omnibus showcasing the best examples of this graphic art. With nearly 800 examples, illustrated in vibrant color, this deluxe volume not only showcases this extraordinary collection of paper ephemera but serves as a history of restaurants and dining out in America."

Ever the sucker for typeface and graphic design + historical reference to the culinary habits of early Americana, I thought this was definitely worthy of my first post back.

above images | the village voice 

above images | TASCHEN


Mrs. Blandings said...

The menu design alone makes me want to open a restaurant. Envying the month - what a treat.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Thanks, Mrs. B!

northsidefour said...

Oh love this also, I could spend hours lost in this book. We had friends when I was a kid who lined their basement walls with menus, I skipped play and read menus.

Jennifer Banks said...

Thank you for this post. I love the different colors of these menus. I recently was looking for a menu design to compliment my new restaurant.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Thanks for checking in, Jennifer. Would love to hear more about your restaurant....

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