I'll Take the Box of Rosé

Perfect picnic wine you ask?  Something that's easy to sneak into that public outdoor concert?  Would rather avoid the creepy brown-bagged wino gig?  I couldn't recommend Y+B Wines and their very stylized TetraPak libations more heartily.  This Spanish Rosé pictured here stands up to any goopy cheese, Triscuit, homemade salsa, or those  crispy particles of potato glass   Cape Cod chips that seem to make it into every picnic basket during the summer.  Plus, these guys are 1 full liter, 33% more than the standard 750ml.

All Y+B Wines are made from 100% handpicked organic grapes.  The packaging is not a gimmick.  It's a serious effort to minimize the already maximized carbon footprint created by the wine biz. This is a sustainable, organic, great tasting wine.  And they run about $10 at The Urban Grape.

1 comment:

WendyPierce said...

This looks like a perfect contribution for pick-up baseball. Let's do a tasting next week - I'll bring the Triscuits. Good to see you there tonight.

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