A Grand Place in Brussels

My head has been in the sun and the surf a lot lately but I can't seem to shake this yen, desire, want, need, and yearning for a dark, dank, ages old tavern.....

We're headed to Brussels for just a fleeting nine days in July and August with the kids.  Last time we were there was three years ago - kids were a little young for all the tomfoolery we have planned for this visit.

Tomfool Plan No 1.
Take the kids to Le Roy d'Espagne for food, beer, scenery, beer, and maybe more beer. And I hear the sodas are quite excellent for the under 18 crowd.

The video (coming from Le Roy d'Espagne's website) is classic Belgian as is the Tavern, with weird and spooky hanging mannequins, puppets, possibly real humans hanging from the rafters.  However, if you ever happen to be in Brussels and find yourself in the Grand Place (the epicenter for tourists), get ye to Le Roy d'Espagne.  Yes, it's touristy but for a glass of Leffe, decent food and that cafe' culture that's so hard to find in the US, you can't find a better a 16th century tavern.

And Tomfool Plan No. 2 may have something to do with the Delirium Cafe.....

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Unknown said...

Nothing like Tomfoolery to prevent Priggery.
(Would it be too American to ask you to bring back a T-shirt from the Delirium Cafe...fan friggin'tastic.)

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