A Perfect Pair

Amazingly good food isn't that difficult. Sometimes it's just the perfectly ripe ingredients, or an incredibly simple combination. Sometimes it's really more the surroundings then the food itself (case in point: Orange Fanta tastes way better in Italy). However, time and time again I am convinced that creating a unforgettable taste sensation does not require blood, sweat, and tears.

Two ingredients. One bite. One bit that just might transform your whole orientation to smelly, hard Italian cheese and sticky, gooey slime.

Allow me to introduce: Calcagno and honey.

Purchased at South End Formaggio (shameless plug #183), these two ingredients were meant to be together. From the Formaggio Kitchen website:

Calcagno is a hand-made sheep milk cheese made from the milk of animals that are sotto cielo (under the sky) and grazing on pasture. This cheese is made in a grana style in Sardinia and is aged for 4-6 months in the cool caves of Casa Madaio in the Campania region of Italy.

The honey I used was a chestnut honey, which I posted about *here*, also from Italy.

These Italian bees and sheep are masters of producing good and simple food. Food that should be enjoyed by all.

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