Nectar of the Gods

Big discovery : CHESTNUT HONEY

Beautiful, luscious, gooey, savory honey. Not sure if I was more drawn to the label (what? no! really?) or the cool little story about Mauro and his bees in the mountains north of Rome. Found this at Whole Foods. It was not cheap. In fact I tried to do this fib/lie/cover-up with Scott on whether it was $10.99 or $14.99 for the jar. (It was $14.99. I know. crazy)
The dark, mineral-rich honeydew and sophisticated chestnut honey come from the dense woodlands of Monte Cimino. With the sophisticated hint of bitterness or ‘amaro’ which the Italians prize, this distinctive honey is a delicious combined with thin slices of good pecorino cheese and pears after a main course. For the more conservative palate, it is an interesting addition to dessert recipes.

After drizzling this not-sweet-more-of-the-heartier-version honey on everything from pecorino to bruschetta to our fingers I went straight to the computery to look up more about my Mauro and his bees.

Seggiano has loads of great products and information on their site. Including a whole bit on agriturismo something that Scott and I have been dreaming about for years. Family holiday on a working Tuscan farm?! with all the olives, olive oil, lemons, honeys one could want.

And maybe get to don a beekeeper's hat.

One day I'll meet Mauro and his heavenly bees.


Anonymous said...

Hi - As American parents (of a 3-year-old) considering a move to Brussels, I'm writing for suggestions and guidance. We're having a tough time making the decision about moving to Belgium - as it could be permanent (or at least 3-5 years). Might you be interested in emailing a bit? I promise to keep questions short. Our main concerns are overall family friendliness, safety (I've read horror stories of public transport), language issues (we're fast learners, but don't yet speak French/Dutch), cost of living (how much does bread and milk cost), and weather (we don't mind rain and cold - but how bad is it?). Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide!


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Hi Diane,

I would be delighted to offer as much (or as little) info. I'll be in touch!


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