My Sixth Sense

Oh, I have the travel bug bad....really bad -

Bad. Ly.

Badly. My husband's off to his regular European city swirl at this end of this week. No new destination, but it's the hotel staying and the dining out and the waking up without demands for French toast or Raisin Bran™ that seem so inviting.

With a new T+L magazine that just arrived, I rabbit-eared a couple of pages with amazing recommendations. It was their 'hotels' issue. Of all the superlatives, this is the one I got hung up on.


Anonymous said...

looks like a little slice of heaven to me!


lisa golightly said...

I just found you via Beach Bungalow. What absolutely amazing images ... I just want to jump into my computer screen and be there ! I am suffering severe case of wanderlust myself as you can tell. ;) XO Lisa

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