Getting in the muddle

It's only Tuesday...and I'm all ready thinking of the weekend cocktail.

I think we've tested every vodka-pomegranate-gin-lime-rickey on the planet. We've worked the tequila. We've squeezed countless citrus. Made vast amounts of simple syrup.

But I think this weekend is all about the muddle. And four ingredients:

image from MAP magazine)
The Caipirinha

  • ice
  • lime
  • sugar
  • cachaça (a cheap Brazilian rum-like concoction that is surprisingly easy to find)

Sweet, tart and strong, the caipirinha is mixed with the Brazilian spirit cachaça. Cachaça is similar to rum but made from sugarcane rather than molasses. "It's more sophisticated than rum because it's more pure," says Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, patriotically. Directions

Here's a nifty little video that shows you exactly how to make the perfectly muddled and executed Caipirinha!

Caipirinha with tender loving care! from nando cuca on Vimeo.

Nando Cuca teaches you how to prepare that king of the Brazilian cocktails, the Caipirinha, with a little 'tender loving care'.

Cuca Brazuca is produced by UK web agency Dancing Bee ltd - come back every week to watch marketeer-turned-chef Nando Cuca creating another delicious classic of the Brazilian Cuisine. Send your comments and suggestions to info@cucabrazuca.com or visit our site at www.cucabrazuca.com.


daily mix LA said...

looks pretty good and refreshing!


beachbungalow8 said...

and you guys have great brazillian cachaca available. it's not as easy to find out here. I think it's made from sugar cane.

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