Happy SMother's Day

Ten Reasons Why sMothering is a kick

1. Always someone with whom I can play a variety of board games,
card games, pranks, and gags

2. Great, endless, and repetitive knock-knock jokes

3. Realizing that a toddler is not likely taking a bath with brown play-doh

4. That warm bath water is a good cure for constipation

5. Public scrutiny is much more difficult to ignore in another country

6. Whirling dervishes are not limited to Turkish dancers

7. Receiving gifts of flowers, shells, lego creations or hand-written notes

8. Getting a more honest reaction to what I'm wearing (and whether or not it 'works')

9. Nothing in the universe smells better than warm, morning, skin

10. Not having to have to hire a *Life Coach*

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