Newport, RI

Saturday, May 10, Newport, RI.

We're off to a little Mother's Day Eve dinner out.

First stop: The Inn at Castle Hill for drinks, a Shirley Temple and Apple J.

Castle Hill is our fave of all spots in Newport to go for a pre-dinner drink. With a huge, sprawling lawn that goes right to the Bay, you can sit, enjoy a sunset and watch all kinds of boat traffic go by just yards from the Inn.

Kids roamed, jumped rocks, hung out...

while Scott and I just chilled with some wine, the setting sun, the bay and some amazing early Spring boat traffic.

No longer the home of the America's Cup Sailing Race, Narragansett Bay still has some of the world's best sailing to be found.

Turns out that this enormo sailboat that we spotted is the Puma 70' mono hull sailing yacht that is used for the (formerly known as the Whitbread) Volvo Ocean Race....

The sailing race that circumnavigates the globe in just over 6 months.....

apparently grappling with the spinnaker....

more grappling.....

Mighty yacht, this thing. Quite a sight to see, just maybe 300 yds. from the edge of where we were seated.

And once the sun set, we were off to Puerini's. Quite possibly the best home-made pasta joint in Newport.

And quite possibly the nicest way a mom could enjoy Mother's Day Eve.

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