Happy Saint Patrick's Day - yesterday

a day late on the well wishes.....

I actually managed to pull off a very Irish Boiled Dinner of corned beef and cabbage last night for my visiting mom and brother-in-law.

With soda bread.

Scott's in Shanghai for the week. Possibly searching for a pint as I type this.

We didn't have Guiness, tho. Found some great Irish wine.

(....no, I jest. No wine from Ireland. I ended up purchasing wine based merely on the cool label design and the fact that it was 50% cabernet franc and 50% cabernet sauvignon, under $20)

My husband's Irish.

My kids are Irish.

I am not Irish. So, while I enjoy the once-a-year tradition of boiling meat and gross vegetables to death and slathering butter on crusty soda bread I draw the line with shiny green decorations and jigs.

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