I Tend to Judge a Book by its Cover.....

I'm such a shallow impatient soul when it comes to purchasing wine.

Two days ago when I found myself totally unprepared for a small dinner party
and had to dash out to buy a bottle or two that 'goes with' grody,
overcooked beef and root vegetables
I found myself going for what looked good as opposed to what might taste good.
(maybe that was just a reaction to the grayness of the meal.....)

And thus, I did some research on labels. The pretty. The well designed. The classic.

I tread so lightly on any attempt of commenting on design or look (of really anything) but I thought I found some good ones worth taking a gander:

Love the simpleness of this. Love the name.
(who wouldn't want to drink Hall?)

I'm thinking the thing is a wine press? grape press?
Not crazy with the typeface but....Sutton Cellars makes a decent wine.
Too bad they are of no relation.

Lousy pic. but love the illustration.
Just sticks.
sticks chardonnay.
from Australia.

Classic. Classique. Classico.
When we lived in San Francisco way back in the day
my parents cherished/coveted their
"Mondavi Cab Sav" more than their kids.

Two syllables.
One vowel.

Who doesn't love a good Fat Bastard joke?

I think this has grand association with luxe and fine wine....
but not so much with me.
(I'm a layperson with wine, what can I say)

I think this label has way more luxe than the aforementioned.
and honestly, I think a '66 Chateau Latour goes for over $500.

Nice, bright and red symbol. And not a bad wine.
I buy this more than I'd like to admit.
And again, solely based on the coolness-of-the-look factor

Shazzam! Ker-pow!
Way ug.

Bright. Orange.
and after a couple of glasses the laughter that ensues
when you pronounce "Reim"
(sounds like the start of an engine)
in a French accent
over. and over. and over again.

Winner of the F-Ugly award.

Italian label that screamed
Renaissance to me.

Another Italian label.
Classic. Maybe a tad nautical but
apparently this Super Tuscan
is big.

Rhode Island wine.
Sakonnet Vineyards.
(producers of decent Gewurztraminer)
Rooster weather vine.

Beaux Artes with staying power?
Always charmed by les fleurs.....

What one can find on a slow day.
Maia Vineyards.
From North Carolina.

Label gets an 'eh'.
Wine gets a 100.
My brother gave us a bottle for Scott's birthday last year.

in a Land of Ahs sorta way.


Anonymous said...

Avalon's a fave of mine, and not solely on the label ... may be on the association with the book (Mists of Avalon). But I also like it.

beachbungalow8 said...

great post. i'm laughing about several things here. every wine you've ever sent or given to me is most excellent. love the sticks. love that you found both hall AND sutton.

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