Touring our own hood: Boston's North End

A week ago Saturday we had an FFO (forced family outing) to Boston's North End. Our itinerary included public transportation caught right outside our back door, walking the Freedom Trail (or 'Frito Trail' as Colby liked to call it), New Greenway perusal and a Hanover Street stroll (including and not limited to the purchase of a variety of delectable, authentic Italian meats, cheeses, breads and pastas - the perfect meal for a winter's night and really the reason we were headed North).

I decided I'd chronicle our trip, in case we'd discover a new find (did) or hear some predictable funny kid thing (did). or witness some classic Boston thing (did).

Random Colonial Maiden. In Boston. A random Colonial town.

Classically bad Boston architecture (City Hall).

Good Boston architecture (the new Greenway).

Catching a January sail in Boston Harbor.

Catching the best in authentic Italian specialities off of Hanover Street, Salumeria Italiana.

Catching some North End street urchins. Up to no good.

The Antipasto. The end result of our local tourism....

1 comment:

beachbungalow8 said...

i really, really miss boston. i miss seeing town criers randomly barking out the opening of a new sandwhich shop near faniuelle (sp?)hall.

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