Did someone say, "Salt Water Farm"!?!?

Little Rhody (aka Rhode Island, smallest state evah) has got all these secret superlatives....like best beaches, best sailing, best Southern Italian hood, best clamcakes and chowder and best old Colonial salt water farms. Who knew such a tiny state could pack in so much? Who knew that just a little over an hour's drive to the South, we'd be in a little slice of heaven?

A couple of weekends ago, we spent a glorious chilly, cloudy day at Watson Farm, Jamestown, RI...which happened to be the day after we caught a swim at Narragansett, with above 80 degree temps.

Watson Farm is an historic saltwater farm, still in operation. Visitors are able to walk about the farm, which we happened to do with Scott's folks, Ed and Bev Sutton. Actually, we didn't really walk. We hiked about for nearly 4 miles, circumnavigating the entire property, which included a good 20 minutes on the shore skipping stones (and for the record, I believe I won the stone-skipping contest with a phenomenal 14 skips....even if other family members beg to differ).

The 280 acre farm has cattle, sheep, horses, a large vegetable garden and four miles of picturesque trails. The property includes salt water estuaries, swamps, woodlands, hay fields, ancient, enormous apple trees, orchards, and open pastures.

And wild flowers, galore.
And then we found a ginormous swing at the end of the trail.

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