F A L L K I C K - O F F : 2 0 0 7

I've finally accepted this new change of seasons. Finally can admit to myself that a swim at Narragansett won't happen for another 8 months. And that's okay because I've accepted this change with gusto. This past weekend it was all about Autumnal happenin's and doin's.

And I very nearly walked around with a sprig of hay in my mouth and my thumb hooked in some shaggy pair of overalls.

Saturday was all about securing the best, driest, most appropriate firewood for our fireplace. And naturally, it was Allandale Farm that won out (and may I repeat: only the oldest working farm in the city of Boston, let alone the United States of America).

So, even though the temperature in our living room was over 70 degrees....the fireplace was stoked with Georgia Fatwood and kindling and dry, cracklin' logs of wood. We did not have any banjos playing, however.

And then Saturday became a day of menu planning for our
F A L L K I C K - O F F : 2 0 0 7, which was really just involved me, Scott and Scott's brother, Paul. The kid's had their dinner and a movie line-up so we adults could easily spend our time moving from our old habit of Summery-white wine consumption to our red wine consumption. It was an evening of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel.

It was also an evening of some yummy food. I was also able to score some mighty fine cheese at Allandale. One particular yummy triple cream-dream by the name of Brillat-Savarin was a huge treat.

And then I roasted some root vegetables, sauteed some green beans, stuffed a 5 lb. chicken with some sage, rosemary, salt, plenty of olive oil and a couple of lemons in an oven for over an hour. And shazam! we had a toasty evening of good food, good family and good warmth.

And then Scott and I decided to dress up as Shields and Yarnell for Halloween.

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