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I love salt and savory. Give me salty-crunch over gooey-sweet any day. So, I'd like to introduce this amazing addition to the Sutton household. Have I you met my best friend from Europe, Fleur de Sel?

F l e u r d e S e l

"Fleur de Sel - [French] 'flower of the salt.' A rare sea salt harvested by hand in Brittany, France and available only in limited quantities. Composed of the natural crystal formations found on the surface of a salt marsh. the crystals are sun-dried only, thereby maintaining many of the nutrients not found in typical prepared salts. Fleur de Sel's unrefined nature lends itself to be served as a condiment, rather than a seasoning, adding both texture and flavor to a meal."

I brought back maybe 8 or 9 8oz. containers of this magical dust. I've given all but two away. I use it sparingly because it's a powerful salt, so you don't really need much.... and because I'll be sad when I go through the last bit. Especially since in Brussels a container ran only 4 bucks or so and here, in the US, the same amount costs anywhere from $12 to $20. As a finishing salt, it's the last thing I do before serving a dish. And, for a moment I pretend, with pinch and a flick of the wrist, that I'm concocting haute cuisine for my family.

I think what I find most appealing about this is that salt is such a very basic need or necessity in food, body, life. And this salt happens to be that much more unique with it's creation and production.

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