Radio Free Europe

With the time we've spent inside (have I mentioned the rain? 'cuz it's rainy and to appease my weather hawk of a husband I've added a link to Brussels weather to this blog just to show you how rainy it is), we've discovered some really awesome Belgian radio stations. These are mostly all-music. Not a bit of advertising but an occasional blurb in French or Flemish. Well, who am I say what's a blurb and what's advertising. Let's just say it doesn't sound like advertising.

There's the station that only plays jazz standards, everything from Django Reinhardt to Miles and Duke and Benny Goodman. No Edith Piaf, as yet. Perfect for the end-of-the-day-glass-of- wine-wind-down.

There's the station that only plays none-irritating 'easy listenin', like Ryan Adams and John Cale and Sondre Lerche and Elliott Smith and Wilco and Feist (that's for my bro).....perfect for online-ing.

and then there's the station that only plays vintage Brit Pop. And every so often I crack up because it takes me right back to college, dancing in my room with my friends, after dining on Evelyn's hamburgers on a Friday night. Bands like the Bronski Beat, good old Depeche Mode, Echo and the Bunnymen,ABC, English Beat, Haircut One Hundred and, of course, Style Council.

Perfect for kah-razee dance parties.

Just another reason why, if you find yourself here, that's it's not so bad...with the music and all.


beachbungalow8 said...

this is good. totally takes me into your environment. god love evelyn

"Fat Boy" said...

Karen! Depeche Mode, have you found your personal jesus? Miss ya and I am enjoying reading this.


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