Our quiet, little abbey down the road

At one end of rue de la Vallee' (our little street) we have a couple of ponds and a park, and on the weekends this is where I go for solace and the farmer's market. At the other end is another little park, Jardin du Roi, and just adjacent to that park is this 13th century, now defunct abbey, L'Abbaye de la Cambre or Abbey of the Arches (the buildings are now serving as a school of visual art and architecture now, Ecole de la cambre).

Today we had 2 hours of sunshine followed by 4 hours of down pour followed by 2 hours of sunshine. I was able to pull two zombies or what felt like heroin addicts away from their heroin (we got a DVD and suddenly the black square screen is a new foe that I have to manage) for some outdoor activities. We've walked through the abbey before so we knew it would be the coolest place on earth for some hide'n go seek.

We never played hide and go seek but we did take some pictures of this mighty fine day.

Maia and Colb in front of one of the more recently built structures in the main courtyard.

In front of a really old door of the church on the grounds. Not sure if it's an active church or if this is where the glorious Sunday church bells come from.....

Patience. Captured on film. Evidence that it does exist. (Actually, glad Colby snatched this.)

Or Maia is trying to convince me that her screaming echoes are really okay, since she's outside and all.

Can't remember which.

What a little sunshine and the outdoors can do for a heroin addict.

Swear to god, a red fox...not from Sanford & Sons but the real McCoy. Lousy pic. but he/she was there. Just sitting in the sun. Maybe wondering where Lamont is.

I'm not sure but I think Colby's flipping me off here.

Or about to give Maia a wet willy.

Lovely, old building. Furry, ancient brick that's turned a mustard-y yellow. Nice highlight to our green, sunny recess.


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beachbungalow8 said...

that picture of colby, running? arms flailing? classic. i laughed aloud.so cute and full of wreckless abandonment. just 'run for your liiiiiife!.' stuff.

and the fox? so cool. did you tell him he was a fox? i would've been all like, 'hey what up foxy'

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