Did someone say, "field trip?!"

Today we had to hustle out at the crack of dawn (9am) so the cleaning folks could scurry in and tidy up. I had no plan other than a trip downtown to the only bookstore in Brussels that sells American and English books. Since we're a little desperate for reading material. And it happens to be a friggin' haul.

So, with a little bribery that usually includes use of the camera, chocolate croissants and possibly a toy, we headed out as soon as eyes were open and clothes were on.

I know I've posted pics. of various sights in Brussels that I've taken but here are some the kids took. With some of my very strong suggestions and direction.

Sample of the plentiful Art Nouveau style that one can see here. Little known fact-or maybe not so little-that Brussels , the capital of Art Nouveau, was the birthplace and has the most Art Nouveau architecture in the world


Kids wanted some ink. I said no.

Sample of the random, old advertisements you may find on the side of buildings.

Colby wanted a picture of the tower crane that you can't even see. Instead, Maia got the row of buildings.

Creepy bag that holds all the bribery goods. That would be a sample of Colby's photography skills.

Here we all are in the Grand Place where an extremely friendly American couple took this. I've tended to avoid other Americans that we've come across. Not entirely sure why. Maybe it's the whole 'blending in' game. They were very kind.

You can't see what this building in the Grand Place is called but it's Le Roy d'Espagne and it's the place to hang with a Belgian beer in a very authentic Belgian tavern. Right in the Grand Place. From 1697.

http://www.roydespagne.be/en/en_history.html .

More cool Art Nouveau.

And then our day ended with a lunch at 'kweek!' or Quick or 'that place that's almost like McDonald's and I got my camera back.


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen;

We miss you! 6.00 am class has been half-full since you left; Neal said today he thinks its because you're not around to deliver coffee and so attend to his genetic grumpiness...

CF is, as usual, a torrid affair; much sweating, grunting and exhaustion. Shame there's no comparable and immediate gratification at the end....

I love your writing. The blog is great and I will be posting the link on the CF website for all to enjoy. You should consider writing in your future. Think Anne Lamott without the self-absorbed introspection, and then think David Sedaris without the self-absorbed introspection. Wait! That's not right. Just take the best from both and there you are.
Seriously though, it's a pleasure to read.

Good luck with the rest of your adventure, and don't forget us little people here in parochial Brookline....

Best to you, Scott and your gremlins,


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Ah Nigel, thanks for the positive vibes...there are many times when I need'em. And many thanks for the plug.

I've started a Bruxellois CF here but everyone's got a cigarette in their mouth and an attitude. No one wants to follow directions. Just talk, talk, talk. So, I just run around our little neighborhood ponds-sprint past the angry geese-and finish with a sprint. Wait a second.... maybe those people aren't in my class....they may be waiting for the bus. Oh, now I get it. No wonder the strange looks. Still, my headband and leather weight-lifting belt get some good attention.


beachbungalow8 said...

everyday i check your site and right about now, i'm getting the full feel of it. this was such an awesome idea-the blog. your writing is excellently prosed (word?) it's creative and efficient. i totally am with you on this trip, virtually.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Thanks Megan. (And thanks for your continued visits.) I get doubtful about this now and then but then I think, if nothing else, it's just a silly travelogue. Warts and all.

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