Scatman Crothers

No, we didn't see him nor his ghost or were we any where near any jazz...BUT! we did have our own Scatman in the car for our 2 hour drive to see a collection of windmills in the Netherlands, today. Saturday, July 14. Bastille Day.

(We did not have wooden clogs on.)

Yup. A rental car with a funky (as in dysfunctional) radio and two kids. One that's 6 and has a propensity for noises that come from his mouth and the laughter and giggles and the laughter and hilarity...over and over and over and over and.......

So, two hours. To see active windmills in a town in the Netherlands by the name of Kinderdijk. http://www.kinderdijk.nl/

We joined a family with whom Scott knows through work to this sight for a day trip that would include a little picnic. And in classic Sutton fashion we packed baguettes, cheeses, meats, crudites, cheeses, meats, water, wine, back-up of cheeses and meats for

a party of 20. Just in case.

And there were 4 of us.

And the 4 kids already had their pre-made sammies.

and then we walked among the windmills.

the Netherlands.
With home-made jazz.
on Bastille Day.


beachbungalow8 said...

that last shot is a framer. i think i've been here. but i wasn't as well prepared. btw, love the creepy bag below (last posting) it's inspiring me to do a "creepy clown use in art and design' post

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Between you and me, I think one windmill woulda made my day and off to something else but we were with Scott's co-workers...sorta trapped.

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