Driving on a high wire

Have I mentioned the whole scary driving thing? Have I adequately described the level of high stress created by the constant in-and-out swerving around Vespas and trucks and behemoth tour buses? Do you have a sense of how insane it is to think anyone could casually drive from point A to B without suffering a headache, red face, flipout, or simply tears?

Is the horse dead yet?

'Cuz I just have one more tale of hell. Granted, it's a gorgeous hell. A very mesmerizing, beautiful-like-nothing-you've-ever-seen hell. But. it's. hell.

Classic case: Pedestrian vs. truck vs. 4 cylinder-Automatic-Opal vs. tunnel

High wire:

Mesmerizing beauty:

We got as far as Praiano. Beyond Positano. Covered 20 miles in about an hour. It was, simply, the most incredibly beautiful scenery I've ever laid eyes on but it's not for the faint of heart. And it's definitely not for a 6 and 8 year old that would so rather be back in the pool.

Lesson learned: take cool, easy-breezy boat to next destination.

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