Isola di Capri...or My Blue Heaven

Mere words cannot do this resplendent island justice. So imagonna just post a bunch of photos from our day today, with some cryptic descriptions here and there. And if you double-click on most of these you'll get the complete effect of the shot-amateur that it is.

This would be our sweet little launch that took us along with 20 or so others to Capri. Left right from our marina. Scheduled to leave at 9am.

It departed at 8:40am. Good thing us Americans are always early.

Old Salt. Had to sit in the stern. Had to make sure the engines were running.

Near the Blue Grotto. First sighting of the clarity of this water. Photo does not do any justice.

Me. and my blue heaven. Actually it's Marina Piccola. Small, free beach on Capri.

After a couple of hours at the beach and lunch, Scott, very wisely, suggested taking the chair lift to the top of the island-which is 'just' a view, a snack bar, and a view- in lieu of hiking about. "Kids'll love it!" And they did. That's Maia in front of me with her Jackie O shades.

A view. From the top.

Another view.

And on our way home, we passed the magnificent outcroppings or Faraglioni, as they're called.

We were on Capri from about 10 to 4 and it really didn't feel like enough time so we just may head back again before we head back to Brussels this Saturday.

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