Bats, lines, and stitches

School ends....summer begins....that sweet easy feeling ensues, or so one would think. First, just a couple of things: Wednesday, June 20, 1:30am wake-up to a bat. No. Two bats. Caught inside our home. Circling about. One in our bedroom. One in our livingroom. Neither get caught in my head of bat-tempting hair but still, blick. They are furry, fanged, clawed, boney, chirping little creatures that eat bugs (a good thing) but I can't imagine being awakened by anything yuckier. Scott gets both out.

One trauma down, two more to go.

Then, on Friday, June 22, with only 5 days to go, we still have not received Colby's passport. After following all the rules, guidelines, deadlines and policies down to a tee, we still don't have it in our hands. With a little gamesmanship and strategy, it's decided that Scott, Colby and I have to head down to the Boston Passport Agency to re-apply. We arrive at 12:30, we leave at 3:30. No passport but one will be ready on Tuesday, the day before we leave. We waited in lines to wait in lines. And all Scott and I could do is blame our current administration on this absolute nightmare-debacle. We applied 13 weeks ago. Colby's application got 'lost'. But we'll have it before we go.....ah well.

Two traumas down, one to go.

And after the 3 hour tour at the passport agency, the three of us (Maia's with her best friend for the day...godbless the Abrams!) head to a playground with me dodging into a grocery store that's conveniently just across the street. In no less than 10 minutes, me in my produce-scanning zone, Scott calls and says that Colby's had a fall and that I need to meet them at the car. Do you know how bloody head injuries are? Crazy bloody. Luckily, it was the back of his head so Colby had no idea but a trip to the ER was definitely necessary. We arrive at Children's Hospital at 4:30pm, we leave at 7:30pm with four stitches on the back of Colby's head. And some french fries from McDonald's.


The Ringer said...

I love the run up to departure, bats, passports, stitches...it's all so very glamorous!

Karen said...

I can't even tell you how glamorous it is! but don't you think Colby looks a little like William H. Macy?

Anonymous said...

What is up with that boy and head injuries??? Tell him if he keeps this up, he'll grow up to be George Bush. Bet the kids loved the bats!

beachbungalow8 said...

and all friday i couldn't figure out why you were paying attention to ME! what a day!

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