Oh, the anticipation....

I now have Colby's passport, without adding stitches to my head.

I have shipped out essentials (shoes, books, board games, more shoes).

And I have planned our week's vay-kay in Sorrento, Italy, during our last week over there. Goofy, sweet but clean and friendly (with the plus of having it recommended to us by a super-reliable source) hotel. http://www.sorrentohotelmignon.com/ I'll let you know.

I'm thinking small and that's okay if we're at the beach. In my mind I've already flown through the 5 weeks in Brussels and am swimming with the kids in the Mediterranean. I guess Sorrento, according to Scott (he of the Milan and Florence living experience, i.e., snob of all-things Italian), is a little like visiting Alabama. Friendly, southern, and cheap. Perhaps lacking in some culture...but that's okay if this is what will be within walking distance:


beachbungalow8 said...

omg. total ocean envy. look at the azure water!!! i think when you're floating in that, all of this bat, stitches, passport stuff will be so far gone. can't wait to hear about the adventures....and btw, way to get your kids out there in the world. i think nothing makes a person more interesting and open minded than travel.

Anonymous said...

Snob of all things Eye-talian? Not my Scotty!

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