In two weeks

In two weeks we'll be on a plane. Scott will sit with one kid, I'll sit with another ("divide and conquer", words to live by). We connect through Philly and arrive in Brussels the next day, 4am EST. I waiver between total exhilaration and total anxiety-ridden panic. Kids are completely unaware of what the trip/transition/time away from home will be like, but that's probably a good thing. They have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what to expect. And our last two weeks are loaded with every kind of end-of-the-year-swan-song-school-activity imaginable. All good things, right? and yet I feel like it's panic in the disco.

Shake it off. Just shake it off.


beachbungalow8 said...

love the photo--micky rooney?

Karen said...

I'm so slooooow at this-apologies. So, yeah-the photo, I image googled roller derby and went through a coupla pages. I love the helmet.

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