Quick Fix

We've had a string of rainy-rainy-rain-rain days....as if Boston suddenly relocated to Indonesia or something. And when the weather is wet or humid, wild or windy my hair goes nuts. Usually I just ignore my hair, pull it back and call it. Or sometimes I'll try different looks, just to see what can work. Or not.

On the rare occasion that no matter how wild my hair gets or how fantastic I try to make it look I'd love to have the option of a helmet. Just a helmet that I could wear from time to time. A "hair protector helmet" if you will. With a couple of easy-to-find tools around the house (mixing bowl and headband) I created the perfect helmet.

Et VoilĂ !

(and if I attach some foiled covered hangers I bet I can pick up some satellite radio)

1 comment:

Living the life in The Little City said...

Yes, we all could do with one of those helmets. What a time saving trend.

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