Aimeriez-vous le dîner mon amour ?

Every now and then we'll use St. Valentine's day as an excuse to go out on a full-blown date. Last year there was a nasty winter storm that kept us inside with bad take-out and the Thursday night NBC line-up. Year before that we waited 2 hours for high-end sushi to be delivered.

This year we planned a little more wisely and made reservations at one of our old favorites in Boston.

Est ici les zygomates.

Pronounced 'lay zee-goh-maht', and roughly translated from French to mean the muscles around your face that you use when you smile.

Scott and are usually pretty suspect of theme-dinners but never really turn a nose at prix-fixe and this joint's got some good ones. Granted, we haven't been to Les Zyg in a while....but hopefully our hearts and stomachs will be contented tonight. Stay tuned.

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