Do you have flair?

Flair? Not as in style or panache or pizzazz or even brio or oomph. I'm talkin' flair as in accroutrement. Accessories. Fandangle. Extra.

While my kids don't exactly have their own specific style - yet. They do have flair. Evidenced by their back-packs and the load of stuff/junk/jangley-things/doodads they carry. Colby has emassed a collection of cars, McDonald's give-aways, and free conference hand-outs that Scott brings home, like treasures from the sea. Maia has a bunch of this and that. Snowy from Brussels, an empty plastic frame key-ring. Mostly random, but all so very special.

I don't have much flair. Not even on my own key chain. But someday......I just might. For that je ne sais quoi that I'm constantly searching for.

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