Friday Night 4maggio Free-4-all

It's Friday night. The end of our first full week back. First full week of work for us, and first week of 'multi-sports camp' for the kids. (multi-sports = s.p.u.d and capture the flag and kick the can and HORSE, it does not = baseball, football or basketball. It's Brookline fergodsakes.) And while it was very nice to get back into the swing of things, we all seem to be longing for something...something extra....something that would make the end of this first week special.

Which could only mean McDonald's food fandango for the kids and formaggio kitchen for me and Scott.

No. Holds. Barred.

This means, really, that the kids get a very special treat of dinner and a movie - as in, they get to eat in front of the t.v. (Swear to god, it's okay. They don't turn in to a pair of obese trolls, they actually can do this routine once a week and live to tell about it.) Tonight it was "Annie" and happy meals. Four nearly three hours.

While Scott and I dined on cheese and wine and bread and cheese and wine and greens. And more wine. And cheese.

It was nirvana.

It was if we were back in Brussels. I was able to obtain some mighty fine formage from Formaggio Kitchen. In the South End. http://www.formaggiokitchen.com/A wonder of a tiny store front that manages to carry all sorts of authentic French and Italian goods. Cheesy goods. And pastry goods. And then some.

Authentic Parisienne Macaroons. Melt in your mouth. Light but fully loaded with flavor.

And purchased right in Boston. Maybe a mile from Brookline.

South End Formaggio aka Formaggio Kitchen.

And they have more than one location. The Huron St. in Cambridge being their flagship and and a shop in NYC. They've received all sorts of superlatives as in 'Best in Boston' for cheese-mongering (is that even a word?) and local accolades. Suffice it to say, it's a damn good place to get damn good cheese. On a Friday night.

Oh. and they sell loads of wine, too.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I am so happy that you are keeping your blog going. My guilty pleasure continues!

I am also tres excited to know about the Formaggio Kitchen.

Chow my friend,

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