Brookline's Best Irish Pub

Last night Scott and I went to this local pub right in our little village. Matt Murphy's. It's the most quintessential Irish pub you could go to without getting on a plane and flying to Ireland. We've frequented this place many times but last night seemed particularly memorable since we were able to get there early (kids are with Scott's folks for the week while we still have work) and just linger before meeting some dear friends for dinner.

And linger we did. And taking in all the calm and quiet. Over a couple of glasses of Guinness. It was pretty darn awesome.

Owner Siobhan Carew, authentically Irish, usually staffs Murphy's with her ilk and brogue, so you get the added bonus of trying to decipher what you were just asked by the wait staff. And who doesn't love a good brogue. And the food is pretty fantastic, too. Menu is strictly Irish fare. Fish and chips, hearty stews and amazing Shepherd's Pie. And the finest fish and chips you'll have west of the Atlantic, served ala 'Angela's Ashes' wrapped tightly in a wad of newspaper.

The bar and interior is all dark and cozy. Artist, Suzy Pilgrim Waters
has adorned much of the available wall space with her wonderful and whimsical artwork, mostly of rabbits.

Matt Murphy's Pub. Boston's best Irish tavern, right here in Brookline.

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