A Thing for String

angela liguori, inc.

When I was dreaming-scheming up a plan to open up a cheese shop in Brookline Village a couple of years ago, I envisioned this old-authentic-Vermont-general-store with the creaky wooden floors (the space I wanted was painfully perfect), crooked windows, and a screen door that would slam. 

And items purchased would be wrapped up in butcher paper that came from a giant roll at the end of a big, wooden farm table and then tied up with string that came from some massive spool hanging from the ceiling (ala Mike's Pastry, if yaknowwhattamean).  You can totally picture it, right?  I'd even have an apron on fergodsakes!

angela liguori, inc.

I've always had a thing for string.  I use that awesome butcher's cotton twine a lot when I wrap my gifts or to spiffy up an envelope with a simple bow.  Often wondered what I could knit with it.....or how many Turk's Head bracelets I could craft.

angela liguori, inc.

And then Brookline's own, Angela Liguori, upped the ante with this fabo cotton twine.  But she's not just limiting us to string.....her studio is filled with all sorts of simple and wonderful goods, mostly of the natural fiber kind.

angela liguori, inc.

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angela said...

Thank you for the post, so flattered. When would you like to come for a visit? I would love to meet you.

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