Happy Weekend, My Chickens.

Easy to get your groove on with this classic. In fact, anything from Inspiration Information is a great Friday night soundtrack.  And I love the fact that wendyful04 took the time to put this sweet tribute together. From Shuggie:


david elzey said...

rumor in the bay area (where shuggie and his dad johnny lived when i was there) is that the shugg is fairly reclusive, the main reason he didn't want to tour with the 'stones or promote his own work.

wendyful04 is a little off by saying "the rest is history." shuggie was sitting in with stephen stills, frank zappa, and cal tjader in the late 60s. in addition to turning down the 'stones he also turned down an opportunity to work with quincy jones and that pretty much ended his career. jones did arrange the song for the bros. johnson in a near-identical arrangement.

anyway, never a bad way to start the day with a little "strawberry letter."

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Interesting scoop, David. Inspiration Information is really a great album...I always kinda figured him to be a genius-recluse type.

Wendyful04 said...

Shuggie seems to be back again.

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