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I'm on twitter - mostly for the voyeuristic quality that twitter provides.  Or for the cheap laugh. And maybe sometimes, so I can tweet some dorky event that just happened or observation (like why Brookline Village smells like onions).  My husband isn't on twitter.  In fact, most of my friends aren't.  So, I just carry around with me these fascinating facts about Sarah Silverman or Steve Martin or some cool design doo-hickey from The Cool Hunter.  Because it's all about the cool.

And it's all really fascinating.  Fas-ci-na-ting.

But recently, I learned about (yet) another etsy goldmine because I was eavesdropping in on the Sisters O'Toole.  Specifically, a head's up about b a t h s t y l e, Turkish Bath Accessories

b a t h s t y l e  on etsy offers these colorful Turkish towles or peshtemal.  These Turkish hand-woven cotton towels are the same of what you'd probably find in a hamam or Turkish bath.  Super absorbent, soft, and fast drying.  They also work well as a sarong or as a scarf.  Seriously, I've used mine as a scarf and a table runner.  I'm not kidding.

These are all 100% Turkish cotton and range in price from $24.50 to $49.50.

Or you can go here, like I did, and kill twice as many bones on the same thing.  (Sad face emoticon.)


Mrs. Blandings said...

A MAZ ING. But you're still not going to get me on twitter. I swear.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

POD :)

Dar said...


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