Feeding the Senses

What's your favorite food movie?

I have two (because one is really never enough).

Babette's Feast (1987)

'Babette’s Feast' is the title of a short story by Karen Blixen, made into a remarkable film by Gabriel Axel in 1987. The feast in question is served in a poor, remote village in Calvinist Denmark, where the staple diet is ale-bread soup; the chef is Babette, a Catholic exile from France. 

The story is an allegory about the Last Supper, when divine fruitfulness overwhelms human sin and meanness.

Big Night (1996)

In this witty drama, a pair of brothers debate integrity versus compromise as they try to succeed in the restaurant business. Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci) have journeyed from Italy to New Jersey in the mid-1950s, determined to make a killing with an authentic Italian restaurant, The Paradise. But their food is a bit too authentic; and they decide to gamble on one 'big night' to make their restaurant a success.

Tell me, what's your favorite?

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Dar said...

This made me think it's time for me to watch this again - marvelous film - divine fruitfulness, indeed!

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