Stamp Me Some Vintage, Please

Just like old, faded maps, I love me some vintage stamps.  Maybe it's the color, the classic design, the tiny works of art they portray...... whatever it is, I really do love them.  And I know the vintage stamp bandwagon has been banging around for a while. I'm hardly the first blogger to post a little something about them.  However, I maybe the first - no, probably second or third, to post about a


By leaving a comment on creative wonder talent, Angela Liguori, you will have an opportunity to win a large vellum envelope filled with hundreds of vintage stamps.  October 11 is the deadline.

Angela Liguori is a woman of many talents, one of which is creating some amazing cotton ribbon, hand bound books, stationary, lovely twine,etc., all of which you can find by visiting her shop, carta inc. or clicking on her logo below:

and she lives in Brookline


Tanya said...

Great blog! I love all things vintage and paper too!

Unknown said...

beautiful. your stamps spurred an idea for a blank wall i've been looking to fill. I had forgotten about a bag of stamps I was given long ago. Currently they are in a box hiding somewhere, how lovely would it be to fill a large frame with those tiny pieces of art.

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