Not Belgian Linen

Inspired by her own necessity, Japanese designer, Yumiko Sekine, creates the most wonderful Lithuanian linen pieces. Her work is all about beauty through simplicity. Quality linen, superb craftsmanship and perfectly executed design make these pieces a must-have for your home. Or your closet.

Yumiko Sekine’s collections are founded on her love of linen. Made in Lithuania, in an area where flax has been grown for generations, her products are made in small batches. As a personal touch each item is stamped with its name and logo. Inspired by real needs Yumiko describes her range as “super simple.” These clothes will fit into your wardrobe quietly and stay for a long time.

And if you live in the Boston area - well, even if you don't live in Boston because there's this thing called the internet - you can find some wonderful pieces at pod.

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