Not For Tourists

You know that panicky feeling you get when you're when you're planning a trip to some new locale? Overwhelmed by the plethora of information? Suspicious of the authenticity of the reviews or recommendations?

These are two pretty good guidebooks I would suggest throwing in your bag:


This guide focuses on locally owned, unique, and worth going out-of-your way. Since 2003 these have been written, photographed, and edited by a committed gang of eight travelers. Their observations are short and sweet. Their website is only okay, with some updates needed and twitter feed desperately lacking, but all and all a really good guide.


The guide you need to be up-to-speed in knowing (insert destination here). It's compact, post-hipster info-loaded at a glimpse. And slick. Maybe too slick? And possibly better for places you already know loads about. I find their website much more useful and up-to-date than the eat.shop guides. The maps are super-accurate & very easy to read. Palm-sized and pocket-carry.

I tend to do everything humanly possible to avoid guided tours or people-packed scenes shuffling past some local superlative. I prefer off-the-grid, hard-to-find gems when I travel. It's just how I roll.

And besides the boat load of information found on the internettery, these wonderful little guides have just the right amount of info you would want for either locally owned or only for the locals.


Mrs. Blandings said...

There's and eat shop Kansas City, too. Pretty nifty.

Unknown said...

The eat shop books are wonderful, and really fun when you're reading about your own city. And even more fun when you find some of you favorite neighborhood spots included.

beachbungalow8 said...

ooh, oooh...{mr. kotter} I had the NYC one and it was a great resource guide. Plus, it's cool looking.

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