Gri Gri Chic

My Kansas City friend, Patricia Shackelford, mentioned some gorgee-oso bracelets on her mighty fine blog today. My dear Brookline friend, Marie, recently posted some artistic wizardry with her hand-fashioned shiny, beaded bracelets on her facebook page. I've got bracelets dancing in my head. And these I really can't shake as I gaze down at my winter-y, paste-y white wrist and think that the best thing I could do is adorn it with a B R A C E L E T.

A soft, girlie ribbon of Liberty print with an edge-y skull. What could be finer? They'll run you maybe sixty bones. Not too bad. By vanities and found at Colette (and elsewhere, I'm sure.)


Mrs. Blandings said...

Oh, these are cool, too. And you can actually have them. Unlike mine. I say bracelets all around.

beachbungalow8 said...

wait...what.... I want these. actually I want to make these. I think the key is finding the skulls. They look individually made.

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