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We’ve all seen photos, in color, sepia toned or black and white of the ocean wave or the huge comber, curling its thinning froth with or without a surfer in the mix. We’ve all seen pictures of the sea and sand or the sail unfurled or jib whipping in the wind. Sometimes we may rub our chin and think, ‘nice’. Or, if we’re in a hot and hurried mood, strolling around a weekend art festival with a smelly 8 year old on our back because they’re hot and hurried too, we might squint and think to ourselves, ‘nice’.

But when you see a photo and then another photo and you’re so moved by the delicate and yet so very simple nature of the subject (water, wave, sail) that you have to swallow the lump in your throat. And you take pause. And you stare at these images for as long as the smelly kid on your back will let you, hoping that maybe your stare will take you right into the image itself, the water or wave or wind from the sail.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Matthew Cohen, professional photographer extraordinaire, at the Wickford Art Festival one weekend in July. At 29, Matthew is also an accomplished professional sailor. And somehow he is able to do both simultaneously (because he really has five arms?) He was a very humble, friendly guy. He reminded me of someone that could regale endlessly on the time he circumnavigated the globe in a dinghy (not really) or saw the most spectacular sunrise (probably) but would prefer to show his experiences through images than verbally describe his salty tales.

While I didn’t have the time, I would have liked to ask him loads of questions (and maybe I didn’t really want to as it might sorta spoil the magic that was hiding behind the curtain camera) about his skill, I did have a moment, albeit brief, to enjoy his work.

As his website states, Matthew wants “…you to feel as though you are there on location, curl your toes in the sands of St. Martin, feel the salt on the rigging, and climb to mountain tops for panoramic anchorages.”

If you enjoy his work long enough I think you might find yourself transported to the end of the world, where the water and sky meet.

You can also find Matthew live at the following dates and locations: Mystic Outdoor Art Festival on August 8 & 9, the Newport Art On the Lawn at the Newport Art Museum (TBD) , and the Providence Fine Furnishing Show on October 23 thru 25.

Matthew Cohen Photography
P.O. Box 718
Newport, RI 02840
401 662 6451 OFFICE

All images courtesy of Matthew Cohen Photography/cohenphotography.com
(I encourage you to go tour his work *here*)

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