It was sure fun while it lasted.....

Well. I was laid off on June 1. Nearly a week later I got this big pep talk from a couple of trusted and close friends that motivated me to dive head first into a pool of uncertainty, frustration, and utter self-fulfillment. I swam around for about a month, put a lot of miles behind me (apologies for the Palin-esque sporty-swimming metaphor) and then realized that the pool had no water in it.

(image from: toxel)

I wanted to go into business for myself. I attacked the list of priorities like my life depended on it and I found myself terrifically satisfied with the amount of headway I had made on this dreamy project of opening up a small market in my 'hood.

But alas. No money, honey. No money to start, at least not enough...and if my records and the word on the street is correct that honey is worth about $500k. And no money, really, for the first three years or so. If only that scratch ticket delivered......

My dream of opening up some kind of old school green grocery in Brookline Village may not be realized (this year) but it was a great dip.

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Jennifer said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry that things aren't working out with the store. But I'm glad to see that you wrote "this year"... lets see 2010 as the year of the Name-To-Be-Determined Village Market!

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