Chipping away at the behemoth iceberg

Lawyer and lease? check
Plumber? check
Electrician? check
Contractor? check
Measurements? check
Photos and photos and photos? check
Renderings and drawings and doodles? check
Brookline Dept. of Health? check
Brookline Dept. of Development? check
Wholesale bakery relationship established? check
Produce, cheese, and specialty food distributors? check
Spy photos of possible competition? check
Friends, support, love, wisdom, and advice? check
A vision, a concept, a well conceived notion of what
I want in a neighborhood grocer that's local, organic,
upscale, and attractive? check, check, and check

Money? not so check

I'll get right on that. Meet with local bankers tomorrow who I envision are so bored with their own thoughts that they will reach right under their desk into their burlap sack of bills and hand me what I need. And then wink and say, don't worry about it.

(photo from straatis)


Jennifer said...

Fingers crossed... I hope they give you a great big CHECK! lol

northsidefour said...

Karen, Jack's a banker, a lender, who does not this really but would be happy to talk to you about what might work, if you need it. Let me know, I'm so excited for the whole darn thing. And I'm ready to move to Brookline, maybe check and see if that bank needs any new people while you are there??? Ally

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you can make this work! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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