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In Saunderstown, RI (between Wickford and Narragansett) there sits, perched right on the top of a slopping hill, an old colonial farm that looks right out on to Narragansett Bay and Jamestown. It is amazingly picturesque and easy to see how these farmers nearly, 275 years ago, may have had a conversation that went a little like this: 'Jebodiah, this is where thy farm should stand!" "Aye, Obidiah. Thy farm should stand thusly."

Or something like that.

And on every Saturday, for three short hours, Casey Farm hosts a is a local farmers market. With fifteen or so local food wholesalers, retailers, bakers, farmers, and the like you can grab the following:

Local oysters collected that morning from Matunuck Oyster Farm:

-Or locally raised, grass-fed beef from colonial Watson Farm.

or domestic and international artisan cheeses from Farmstead in Providence.

Liam Maloney at Farmstead was particularly sweet. After I tried to explain in 65 words or less what my concept was for opening up a small specialty food retail store in Brookline Village and would Farmstead be interested in working out a relationship as a cheese wholesale provider, Liam kindly said nope but would love to have me down to Providence for more discussion, meet the owners of Farmstead, and then he handed my some free cheese and a roll of cheese paper. Cutie.

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