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The Perfect Baby Handbook
A Guide for Excessively Motivated Parents
by Dale Hrabi

I just came across this....and thought it was hilarious. I don't have many friends that take themselves too seriously. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone does take themselves too seriously, getting all uptight about their deal....losing all sense of humor over the day-to-day minutia. I know parenting is a classic area for this.

One thing that I find particularly funny interesting is the whole naming-gaming thing. Granted, we went with 'Maia', which was kinda sorta unique. At least in 1998 it was. And Colby's a family name, so I get automatic dibs on that. But I thought this was good for a laugh:

Singular Sensations

Four Unexpected Sources
for Perfect Baby Names

To find a breathtakingly original name, you’ll have to do more than scour 947-page advice books or unearth a colorful ancestor called Velva Mildee Earline. The trick is to search through resources (such as the four below) that less ambitious parents overlook, from boating directories to Scandinavian furniture catalogs. But beware: For every perfect name that pops up in your research, a flawed one is waiting to trap you—Snitta, for example.

The IKEA Catalog

Aron, Barrit, Bonde, Brekke, Flaren, Gustav, Klinteby, Lisbet, Ottava, Salen, Sundby, Tassa, Viken

Imperfect: Aspudden, Dold, Ektorp, Fagerland, Fridolf, Gorm, Klappsta, Kritter, Malm, Molger, Mumsig, Sniglar, Snitta

The U.S. Yacht Registry

Avalon, Bethany, Bonita, Cimarron, Genesis, Iris, Lakesden, Orion, Peregrine, Quest,
Renata, Serena, Windbourne

Antsea Nansea, Aquaholic, Boatzilla, Costalotta, Farfrompukin, Finatic, Gutsea Lady, Orca,
Salty Mistress, Sea Ewe, Tuna Witch, Water Rat, Wet Bottom

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Jennifer said...

I disagree! Naming your child Aspudden or Orca is a great idea... it makes it so much easier for other kids to tease them!

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